Help Keep Christianity in Iraq
Help Keep Christianity in Iraq

Even with ISIS defeated in Iraq, life isn’t easy for Christians. Since the war, many have returned to their villages only to find devastation. Their homes, churches, farming fields, and schools all need to be repaired. Because of this, many families left for Iraqi Kurdistan to start a new life. Although this is made even harder with the economy in dire shape.

Most aren’t sure what Iraq’s future looks like with high political tension still present in this unstable country. Another war would certainly mean more Christians being forced to leave.

In addition, there are thousands of Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon that will never return to Iraq. They are living in limbo waiting to be welcomed by countries like Canada. They depend on the generosity of others for everything from shelter, food, health care and more.

Iraqi families desperately need your help as they begin rebuilding their lives.

Through your donations and prayers, you’ll do much more than provide essential daily care for refugees and for Iraqi families you will give them hope for a better future.

Carl Hétu
National Director

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