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Since 2003, about 700,000 Christians (or 70%) were forced to leave Iraq. As Iraq veers once again towards civil war, its Christians are on the alert. Resented, despised and scapegoated, Christians fear the extremists and criminals will target them even more. With your gift, you can help Iraq's Catholics to live better lives in their homeland.

Help Homeless Girls Help Homeless Girls

Devastated by war in northern Iraq, homeless girls are sheltered by the Dominican Sisters.

$65.00 per child

Provide Catechesis to Children Provide Catechesis to Children

Despite persecution, the Dominican Sisters persist in giving catechism classes to Iraqi children.

$25.00 per child

Support a Catholic Hospital Support a Catholic Hospital

Violence is still part of Iraqis daily life. Al Hayat Hospital is needed more than ever.

$20,000.00 needed

Help Keep Christianity in Iraq Help Keep Christianity in Iraq

Your Christian brothers and sisters need your help — today.